Behaviour Modification

Behaviour modification is an approach to changing human behaviour. It has been used to help people in education, healthcare, and even work settings. Although it is mostly associated with use in the professional setting, the principles of behaviour modification can be used by everyone, especially family and friends, to help encourage loved ones that struggle … Read more

Behaviour Management

The umbrella of behaviour management encompasses strategies, techniques and practices that promote good behaviour and prevent or respond to challenging behaviour. Effective behaviour management is essential for creating a positive, peaceful, and productive environment in the home, the classroom, and beyond. The First Step: Understanding & Respect The very first thing to know about behaviour … Read more

Positive Behaviour Support Training

Positive behaviour support training is essential for anyone that would like to become a positive behaviour support practitioner. Training programs are focused on helping future practitioners learn to use the PBS framework itself – a person-centred approach that focuses on improving the quality of life for individuals who exhibit challenging behaviours by helping them adopt … Read more

Positive Behaviour Support Strategies

Positive behaviour support strategies exist to help people that exhibit challenging behaviour. Individuals with developmental disorders, intellectual disabilities, or mental health issues may have trouble expressing their feelings or communicating their needs. Sometimes, these things come out as actions that are dangerous to themselves or disruptive to others.  These troublesome habits can create a very … Read more

Behaviour Support Practitioner

Positive behaviour support practitioners are professionals who play an important role in the lives of individuals that need help managing challenging behaviour. They utilise a framework called Positive Behaviour Support – a holistic approach to addressing problematic habits by focusing on understanding their underlying causes and replacing them with more constructive actions.  Practitioners work with … Read more

What is Challenging Behaviour?

Challenging behaviour is a term describing a wide range of behaviours that people exhibit to communicate an unmet need or to fulfil an unmet purpose. What is “challenging” about these actions is that they tend to cause harm or distress to the one acting or others. A good understanding of challenging behaviour is critical for … Read more

What is a Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP)?

A Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP) is an evidence–based and individualised plan that is designed to improve a person’s quality of life by helping them to develop appropriate functional behaviour and by decreasing their challenging behaviour. It is tailored to the individual and is based on an individualised assessment of the person’s strengths and needs. … Read more

Genetic variants lend insight into behavioural traits

THREE genetic variants have been found to be significantly associated with educational attainment in certain individuals, according to a recent study involving Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. The results showed three SNPs significantly associated with educational attainment, one associated with years of education, and two with college completion. The discovery of genetic variants (ways in which … Read more

Juvenile offenders shown grisly reality of risk-taking behaviour

WA juvenile offenders have met with patients suffering from serious injuries, as part of a groundbreaking research project aimed at curbing risk-taking behaviour in young people. “The participants receive a range of lectures first, detailing what risk-taking and challenging behaviour is and how it can impact on themselves and other people,” Dr Ho. Image: Istock … Read more