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THE mountain bell shrub, which is partly named after Charles Darwin’s grandfather, can be examined at a molecular level for the first time in Albany after the installation of a state-of-the-art genetics laboratory.

WHILE people may have never heard of photonics before, they will surely have heard about the technology that relies on its existence, namely the internet, computers and smartphones.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL work at Fremantle Prison is helping illuminate significant differences in how early Swan River Colony administrators treated Aboriginal and Euro-Australian inmates.

PERTH and Fremantle should look to Europe for inspiration on how to become sustainable 21st-century cities, according to Fremantle Mayor and sustainability expert Brad Pettitt.

AUSTRALIA’S first electric vehicle highway will open in WA later this month, with the final charging stations currently being installed in the south-west. 

WA ENTREPRENEUR Hayley Warren can hardly believe what has happened since she and the device she invented for physiotherapists featured on national television.

WHEN most people put their green-topped wheelie bin out for collection, they would not expect their general household waste to end up as compost, but an innovative Perth recycling facility has been making the conversion for the past decade.

AS A kid Jia-Ying Choong had never considered engineering as a career option.

THE discovery of a Boeing 777 flaperon on Reunion Island has vaulted Malaysian Airlines flight 370’s disappearance into world headlines again, but is intensive media interest bringing us closer to the truth?

AN APP developed by Curtin University researchers is using facial recognition technology to detect pain in patients who cannot speak.

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