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LOCAL speedsters are keen to prove it’s possible to become the best—and fastest—in the world with determination, skill, and a whole lot of science.

AS THE Paris Climate Conference (COP21) kicks off today and people around the world hold their breath for action on climate change, a little closer to home researchers have determined the impacts of climate change may be far more serious than previously expected.

A BETTER way of tracking valuable assets; using data matching to prevent fuel theft; and preventing huge rocks damaging mining equipment were all among the winning inventions at the WA Innovator of the Year Awards announced this week.

AN INNOVATIVE method of extracting protein from whey has the potential to turn a waste product of cheese making into a valuable by-product which can help make baby formula, baked goods or feed for fish farms or piggeries.

THE creators of Back to the Future II had us believe flying cars, anti-gravity hoverboards and ubiquitous fax machines would be commonplace in the early 21st Century.

CURTIN University researchers have developed an innovative robotic hand exoskeleton which can be made cheaply using a 3D printer and could potentially cut down on rehabilitation visits for patients.

USERS of mobile phones, tablet computers and other devices with a memory card—that being practically everyone these days—risk having their identify stolen if they don’t securely erase their personal data.

Swan River flowing with gold

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

SOLID gold particles have been discovered in the Swan River, but don’t grab your prospecting kit just yet.

ROUGHLY 80 per cent of materials used on some WA building sites can be recovered for reuse or recycled, according to a series of audits by Murdoch University students.

RADIO carbon data from prehistoric occupation sites are providing insights into Australia’s fluctuating human population levels tens of thousands of years ago.

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