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HAVING a smartphone unlock once it recognises your face or using a paypass machine that needs your fingerprint to finalise a purchase are becoming increasingly common, but are these the best way to stay secure?

GAME of Thrones season six premieres on Foxtel this weekend, and if the social media frenzy is anything to go by Australians’ enthusiasm for the show hasn’t waned.

A TINY hearing device roughly the size and shape of an earbud will make it possible to select which parts of the outside world part become part of your earphone experience.

IT MIGHT seem like an idea out of CSI: Las Vegas, but local forensic researchers have come up with a way of using blowflies to determine if someone has died via nicotine poisoning.

HAVING your car drive itself to wherever you want to go—a concept immortalised in Minority Report or Total Recall—is one step closer with local researchers about to install lane changing capabilities in a self-driving car.

AS LEX Luther put it, “son of Krypton meets bat of Gotham” in cinemas this week but before we see the film’s outcome let’s consider if Batman could use science to level the playing field against his alien opponent?

THIS week humankind was delivered a body blow by an artificial intelligence (AI) called AlphaGo that beat Go’s world champion, Lee Sedol, so is it now time for humans to let the machines rule the world?

SIX months into its operation, besides producing some [incredible viral videos]*, Japan's newest weather satellite Himawari-8 has significantly improved WA's everyday weather forecasting.

FEW true mysteries remain, but Pi is one of them.

WHILE West Aussies will have no problem accessing Netflix’s hotly anticipated fourth season of House of Cards—launched globally today—the video-streaming giant will need a major technology breakthrough to prevent Aussies accessing its exclusive US content.

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