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For WA Day we are looking at some of the amazing discoveries and inventions to come out of Western Australia. From the cool and innovative to the fundamentally game-changing, WA has a lot to offer!

Perth rocketeer set for launch

Wednesday, 01 June 2016

A FIVE metre tall homemade rocket is planned to launch on the weekend of 4th/5th June, by Perth’s Samantha Ridgway at the West Australian Rocketry Society’s “Williams Wildfire Westernationals”.

SIMULATING World War Three scenarios to train military personnel are within the grasp of Perth-based Calytrix Technologies thanks to their virtual simulation technology platform Titan Vanguard CX.

EXAMINING recreational drugs via at-festival and in-club testing facilities may be safer for WA partygoers by letting them know what is actually in the drugs they are taking, according to local researchers.

FROM Morse code to space-age satellites, the Applecross Wireless Station—now the Wireless Hill Museum and Park—connected WA to the world for more than 50 years.

WEST Australians are expected to show up in the tens of thousands on Sunday, when the world’s largest plane—which would cover half the oval space at Domain Stadium—touches down in Perth.

SIXTY-SIX millions years ago an asteroid smashed into Earth releasing energy equivalent to 100 million nuclear bombs and creating a massive dust cloud that blocked out the sun for more than a year.

DOCKERS and Eagles fans could improve their team’s on-field chances by yelling out to the players to pass the ball, according to a new complex mathematical network theory.

FROM designing better drugs to pondering the nature of gravity waves, UWA’s new supercomputer Pople is empowering local scientists to push the boundaries in their own fields.

WITH this week’s release of the new Captain America movie, Civil War, it’s another opportunity to see Captain Rogers and Tony Stark as Iron Man draw on their superhuman strength and technology—even if they bring it to bear against each other this time around.

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