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FINDING a cache of 2200-year-old coins buried in the remains of an Egyptian house sparked honours student Liesel Gentelli's interest in coins, inspiring her to pursue postgraduate studies in forensics.

MEN who perform “mate guarding” behaviours such as staying close to their wife or girlfriend at a party are likely to have poorer-quality sperm than men who do not, research suggests.

CONFLICT between teachers and students in kindergarten and pre-primary has been directly linked to increased future problems with victimisation, aggression and hyperactivity problems, research suggests.

LOWER status in a peer group can increase the risk of a woman facing sexual aggression in nightclubs, research suggests.

WA RESEARCHERS have proposed a global measure for bushfire preparedness based on whether homeowners plan to evacuate or defend their property.

UWA researchers have demonstrated that accurately identifying children at risk of literacy problems before they begin to struggle at school requires an assessment approach which combines child, family and environmental factors.

CHILDREN and teenagers need more say in the design of public spaces such as parks and playgrounds, University of Western Australia researchers contend.

IMPROVING elderly passengers' accessibility to train stations by considering the different ways they can access the station could encourage more senior citizens to use Perth's trains, a recent study suggests.

MORE needs to be known about children’s eye injuries, particularly when playing sport, according to a summary report on eye injuries in Australia.

WITH the onset of the digital age more and more people are turning to 'Dr Google' for health and medical information, however local researchers are worried about a lack of resources for helping consumers find reliable health information online.

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