Social Science

WHILE he’s usually fighting Perth’s crooks and thieves, over the past week WA police dog Rumble has been battling a mysterious infection resulting in seizures.

BEFORE you shirk canteen duty (again), consider your kids.

A TARGETED group approach aimed at parents who choose not to vaccinate their children could help overcome resistance, researchers say.

A PERTH psychologist has delved into the testy relationship between motorists and cyclists, determining drivers are more likely to be unpleasant to bike riders if they think fellow motorists are behaving aggressively towards cyclists on the road.

Mining linked to regional violence spike

Thursday, 10 September 2015

MEN and women are more likely to be assaulted in a WA mining town than in regional towns with more diversified industry.

ONLINE activism, such as adding your name to an campaign or liking a Facebook charity page, can be just as effective as traditional forms of activism.

Optimism beats workplace cyberbullies

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

WORKERS who see the ‘glass-half-full’ rather than half-empty, can cope better with the stress of cyberbullying in the workplace.

HEALTH researchers say the popularity, geographical spread and proven ability of Men’s Sheds to relieve depression in older men makes them a perfect vehicle to deliver other life-saving health messages.

WANNABE AFL players should win contested possessions and deliver the ball inside 50 to give themselves the best chance of being drafted, research suggests.

OWNING a pet—be it scaly, furry, finned or feathered—catalyses human interaction and opens doorways for social support, research suggests.

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