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Empty trucks increase accident risk

Thursday, 28 January 2016

HEAVY vehicle drivers with an empty load are two-and-a-half times more likely to crash than those carrying freight.

A COMMUNITY centre, a ‘main street’ layout, short blocks, footpaths and street trees are the best features for encouraging people to walk around their suburb, according to a study of Perth neighbourhoods.

YARLOOP’S recovery from the South West’s catastrophic bushfire may hinge on the strength of the historic town’s bonds with surrounding communities unaffected by the blaze.

MORE must be done to help low socio-economic groups stop smoking and close the vast gap in life expectancy between them and those who can afford current support.

IF YOU’RE looking to impress the ladies this mating season, you need look no further than the cosmetics counter, at least if you’re a snub-nosed monkey.

THE idea of young West Australians sitting down and playing on their xbox or PlayStation may seem harmless but experts warn young online gamers run the risk of being radicalised.

THE AUSSIE dream of a detached house and big backyard isn’t why Perthites are resistant to living in high-rise residential apartment blocks, research suggests.

WHILE people in a state of anxiety make more mistakes trying to recognise faces, they don’t show an increased ethnic bias, according to research which debunks a commonly-held belief.

WHAT if your rush to work each morning could be that little bit less stressful?

TRYING to score a pay rise? A UWA study has found having attractive, trustworthy or dominant facial traits can increase a person’s pay in retail workplaces.

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