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It’s normal to experience muscle pain after exercising if it’s been a while since you were active or performed a certain movement.

We know that our universe has already lived through great number of exciting phases. But new research released overnight shows the universe has long passed its peak and is slowly but surely dying.

We’ve all done it, enjoyed a delicious meal only to nod off in a comfy chair for a while. 

PERSPECTIVE: Cockies in Crisis

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

MOST Western Australians know of the plight facing local black cockatoo species and the ongoing efforts to conserve the iconic birds, but is all the effort actually working? 

PEOPLE respond well to photos of cute and cuddly animals, which is why these types of images are never far away in the media. 

THE humble sea squirt may be diminutive in size and stature but according to UWA PhD student Tiffany Simpson introduced species of this strange looking animal have the potential to do big damage.

While the multi-billion-dollar package to support Australian medical research is steadily making its way into law The Perkins director Professor Peter Leedman considers how this funding will benefit people’s health.

TODAY UWA’s Lucille Chapuis discusses the growing level of man-made noise in the ocean and how research she is involved in will help determine the noise pollution’s impact on the shark population.

Alex Zelinsky
Chief Defence Scientist, Defence Science and Technology

The national science and research priorities have been developed with the goal of maximising the national benefit from research expenditure, while strengthening our capacity to excel in science and technology.

Dora Marinova, Professor of Sustainability at Curtin University and Talia Raphaely, Lecturer at Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute at Curtin University.

Climate change is the greatest challenge to human health, according to the recent Lancet Commission report which calls for action to protect the global population.

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