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Gas rigA NEW process of dehydrating subsea gas without the use of toxic chemicals could pave the way for opening up previously unviable gas fields.

CSIRO cleaning up flue gas

Monday, 02 July 2012

flue gas_scrubbers_01NEW technologies from CSIRO’s Post Combustion Capture team could make WA’s coal and fossil fuel-burning power stations more climate friendly.

Windfarm-1FROM a distance, the Albany Wind Farm’s six new turbines don’t look too different from the original 12 installed in 2002.

pilbara trainPOWERFUL mine software packages that control mine operations and integrate with business software, along with robots and mine site automation are all set to change the face of mining in Western Australia—and the world.

Waterless frackingDESPITE  its polarising title, Dr Derek Elsworth promised ‘Shale Gas and Frac[k]ing: Environmental Saviour or Devil Incarnate’ would be an even-handed look at hydraulic fracturing.

Water hyacinthWITH its free-floating fibrous roots and rapid growth rate, the water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is one of the most invasive aqueous weeds in Australia and, for many countries around the world, a serious environmental and economic issue.

VolcanoA TEAM of Perth researchers is causing a major rethink on geological history after a study showed major iron formations in Australia, about 1.8 billion to 1.9 billion years old, were synchronous with those found in North America.

Rock robotCOLLISION avoidance technology and remote control programming have led to an award-winning mining system being developed in WA.

windmill albanyGIVEN Chinese supply restrictions and increasing future demand, WA is well positioned on Rare Earth Oxides (REOs).

frackingTHE ongoing debate on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has gotten more interesting with Environment Minister Bill Marmion’s decision to allow the controversial technique to go ahead in WA.