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smelterALUMINIUM producer Alcoa has developed a sustainable way to biodegrade oxalate, a by-product of the alumina refining process.

dinosaur-footprintTWO North American palaeontologists are surveying the dinosaur track way on the Dampier Peninsula’s western shore, north of Broome.


RESEARCH may be leading industry closer to a zero carbon emissions planet with further investigations into carbon dioxide (CO2) geo-sequestration.

Putting petal to the metal

Monday, 29 August 2011

HelianthusWA RESEARCHERS are studying the state’s unique biodiversity hotspots in search of a specific type of metal-loving plant that could have a range of applications for the mining industry.

gold_bullionTHE Gold Technology Group (GTG) is making metallurgists' jobs easier with new ways to maximise ore extraction.

Refinery_nightSTUDENTS in the oil and gas industry can now gain more practical experience by operating a binary distillation column.

NiAN award-winning mining exploration tool has helped locate nickel and other metal deposits worth billions to the WA mining industry.

4D lithospheric mineral deposits

Tuesday, 02 August 2011

Pilbara_oreUWA is undertaking research that will help resources companies predict where hard-to-find deposits of minerals are under the earth.

Uranium mining and radiation

Monday, 25 July 2011

UraniumEXPERTS says the slow decay of uranium that produces radiation is too slow to pose a threat to workers or the general community.

plane_takeoffWA FARMERS are getting a boost with a plan to turn mallees into sustainable aviation fuel.