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AN ENGINEER and an environmental scientist have designed an industrial estate using sustainability principles.

SCIENTISTS have found applying a soft metal layer before welding hard metals can act as a sufficient buffer to address fatigue behaviour in welded metal.

MARK Jessell has travelled half way around the world to help develop 3D software technology that will allow us to scratch beneath the earth’s surface and tell us more about such things as our mineral and water resources.

LOCAL researchers are using a unique method of nano-material imaging to more effectively determine the highly variable acid leaching values of Western Australian nickel laterite ores.

Pangea WikicommonsAN international research team has analysed two of the earth’s mass extinction events, finding markedly similar conditions between the two.

road redsandTHE Sustainable Engineering Group at Curtin University has demonstrated that red sand can be a viable and sustainable material for road construction and top dressing.

Gold KalgoorlieMuseumA GEOLOGIST is using conditional probability principles to improve the design of nuggetty gold mines.

BobBecher DMPIN THE last line of an essay about his life, WA scientist Bob Becher wrote that his advice to young people was to “do you best always, letting your mind run free and mentally tread where no human mind has trod before”.

superpit impactcratorTHE world’s largest and oldest meteorite impact structure has been discovered through research on the formation of gold deposits in WA’s Eastern Goldfields.

FIFO airportSURVEYS and interviews of fly-in fly-out (FIFO) employees in WA will uncover the causes behind an issue which cost the resource industry close to $6 billion last year.

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