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superpit goldfieldseconomyALTHOUGH the Western Australian Goldfields is one of Australia’s most important wealth generators, it neither enjoys high public expenditure nor experiences development that correlates with the amount of wealth it generates, according to research that has defined it as a ‘resource bank’ for the state.

IronOre acid_drainageWA’s ChemCentre has begun a research initiative to further understand and curb Acid Mine Drainage (AMD), one of the leading environmental concerns produced by mining and development sites.

biofueltestingESTABLISHING an industry founded on algae-based biodiesel could potentially overshadow Western Australia’s iron ore industry and could be up and running in as little as five years, according to a local expert.

batteriesMURDOCH University scientists have created a technique using microfluidics which could revolutionise how resource companies recover high-value precious metals, making the process faster and cheaper.

lichen pollutionLICHEN could prove to be an affordable alternative to traditional biomonitors used to detect atmospheric heavy metals, following research in WA’s South West.

watertapA GROUNDBREAKING study has shown by-products from mining and mineral processing could provide a cost-effective solution for water treatment, as Western Australia tries to find an answer for stockpiling mining by-products.

shale gasCSIRO scientists have highlighted concerns that chemicals produced by hydraulic fracturing could be affecting ground and surface waters.

IronOrePRELIMINARY laboratory studies have demonstrated that the HIsmelt steel-making by-product has potential for neutralising soil acidity, providing its leachate pH is diluted enough to mitigate the risk of toxicity to the environment.

Pink DiamondUWA scientists have explained the photochromic behaviour of the pink diamond in an attempt to uncover why they possess their pink colouration.

yellow cakeAN AUSTRALIAN expert on mining sustainability has highlighted some of the key environmental aspects for West Australia, as the state moves closer to its first uranium mine.

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