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Arora GeraldtonSashaTozziTHE Mid West’s potential to grow micro algae is being explored by US-based biotechnology company Aurora Algae in conjunction with the Durack Institute of Technology in Geraldton.

Survey reveals mineral rich fault lines

Thursday, 12 September 2013

MtGascoyneView SjohnsonTHE Geological Survey of Western Australia has confirmed that the remains of a small continent, about the size of Japan, is embedded in central Western Australia.

tunnel mineSAFTEY in underground mining sites could be improved with research that reveals the speed at which collapsing tunnels eject rock debris from their side walls and tests the effectiveness of current containment measures.

computerCAD electricalNEW engineering design software could drastically improve the efficiency and accuracy of electrical system documentation and save the construction, minerals and energy industries millions in labour costs.

SteelCatanaryRiser LucileQueauLOCAL research into the risers on offshore oil and gas platforms aims to increase the accuracy of fatigue damage estimates to make steel catenary risers (SCRs) more economical to construct.

ironore conveyorTHE construction industry is wasting millions of dollars every year correcting mistakes and redundancies in engineering documentation, according to Curtin University research.

robogals Scit.Albany_scienceAwarenessFestival12SCHOOL girls in Geraldton have recently taken part in educational workshops with the Robogals engineering team who were in town with the Mid West Youth Science Forum.

pilbaraIronOreSCIENTISTS at Curtin University have chronicled the genesis of a particular type of iron deposit in the state’s north, finding that the valuable mineral formed relatively late in WA’s evolution.

cementmixerWASTE from power generators and alumina refineries can now be used to produce an alternative to Portland cement.

rareearthelementsRESEARCHERS and miners have collaborated to characterise rare earth element (REE) patterns and concentrations in the east Kimberley's Browns Range, producing an important model for its exploration in comparable terrains.

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