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REMOTE, low-grade deposits of platinum group metals (PGMs) can be economically recovered using novel direct leaching approaches, doing away with the need for traditional, expensive smelting operations.

GOLD has been found in geologically unusual circumstances about 250km east of Carnarvon on the margin of the Japan-sized former continent which forms part of the Gascoyne.

EXTRACTIVE metallurgists from Murdoch University have discovered the dissolution mechanism for a mineral previously considered to be unrecoverable and discarded as waste.

MODERN science is shining light on Jurassic rock, associating the organic remains of ancient bacteria with an increased likelihood of striking gold.

A REMOTELY operated vehicle (ROV) device designed to measure friction between offshore infrastructure and seabeds has opened the door for economical on-site testing.

MORE nickel can be produced more efficiently from Australia’s low-grade laterite ores if the metal is directly extracted after leaching with nitric acid, research suggests.

THE use of water jets to more easily extract the anchoring legs of mobile oil rigs from deep inside the ocean floor, allowing them to move to new worksites, is the focus of a study through the University of Western Australia.

A UWA geologist has proposed a hypothesis which threatens to overturn conventional notions of the way Banded Ironstone Formations (BIF) first evolved.

GOLD, silver and copper can be effectively leached from their ores using glycine, an edible and environmentally benign amino acid.

A UWA geologist says the high-grade iron ore reserve at Wiluna West in the Mid West is similar to those being mined at Mt Tom Price, Paraburdoo and Mt WhaleBack in the Pilbara.

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