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FURTHER extending the trading hours of Perth’s licenced premises will result in more people with alcohol-related injuries presenting at metropolitan emergency departments, according to research from the National Drug Research Institute.

CONCERN is growing even stronger among West Australians about the sale of caffeinated energy drinks to kids aged under 12, with health researchers calling for government policy to restrict sales to young people.

Dengue in WA: imported and home-grown

Thursday, 19 November 2015

WHILE it is not unheard of for West Australians to return from Bali or Singapore having contracted the exotic mosquito-borne virus dengue fever the case of one Pilbara man with the virus rang alarm bells for local doctors for one reason—he had never left the state.

PERTH residents diagnosed with certain advanced cancers live longer than people with similar diagnoses’ in regional WA, due to a lack of access to treatment choices.

HEALTH care checks for adolescent refugees resettling in counties like Australia should include asking for details about family structure, periods spent in refugee camps or detention centres and if there are any child protection concerns. 

TWICE as many people living in rural areas suffer hearing difficulties compared to urban residents, due to excessive noise exposure from agricultural industries.

ONG considered a minor disability, being colour-blind might offer some advantages in areas such as search and rescue and police forensics.

A PILOT quit smoking program trialled on prisoners in the Goldfields has helped quash the inmate’s nicotine dependency, thereby laying the foundation for smoke-free prisons throughout WA.

A TELETHON Kids Institute-led study has found low levels of plasma calcium, vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) and lutein—micronutrients found in foods like spinach and eggs—to be associated with DNA damage in children.

NURSING staff who cared for newborn preterm infants in hospital could provide follow-up advice for new parents—thereby alleviating their fears of caring for their child at home which could have harmful consequences on their future.

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