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CHILDREN born with gastroschisis, where the bowel is outside of the abdomen at birth, develop normally neurologically and psychologically despite being exposed to risks linked to abnormalities.

Managing grief over life partner loss

Saturday, 19 December 2015

BETTER understanding how older people emotionally attach themselves to their life partner may help medical staff support older people in their grief for when their spouse eventually dies.

CURTIN University researchers are testing a system to enable employers to identify ways to best accommodate workers living with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

FORMS of exercise that prioritises having fun, group activities and keeping healthy rather than competition could be the key to getting WA teenagers more active, research suggests.

MORE collaboration between dentists and better education for carers could significantly improve dental care for residents in Perth’s aged-care facilities.

THERE’S a good chance that you know someone who’s either had a stroke or is going to have one: it’s the second most common cause of death worldwide, causing one in every 10 deaths.

IN AN Australian first Curtin University scientists have compiled a comprehensive list detailing and grouping asthma-causing agents found across the nation’s businesses.

SIX ONE-MINUTE sprints up Jacob’s Ladder in King’s Park can be just as beneficial as 45 minutes of regular jogging, research suggests.

LONELINESS is something experienced by most of us at some point, and for those with psychotic disorders feeling lonely can become one of the most important challenges they face in daily life.

More training key to water births

Wednesday, 02 December 2015

MANDATORY training for midwives in facilitating water births could help banish a stigma that is attached to the birthing practice, according to a Perth midwife.