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WEST Australian couples wanting to increase their chances of falling pregnant through in vitro fertilisation (IVF) should consider quitting smoking, drink alcohol moderately and have a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, according to a recent study.

IF YOU want to encourage your overweight or obese teenager to eat better and exercise more, nagging and verbal pressure won’t work, research says.

LOCAL research has confirmed children born extremely prematurely or ‘preterm’ have a less developed sense of empathy and poorer attention skills than typically developing children but the work has failed to determine if there is link between the two.

RELEASED in 2006, the Nintendo Wii was snapped up by Australian families and gaming enthusiasts in just four days, becoming the fastest selling console in our history, and now it is helping local burns victims manage their pain and aid in their rehabilitation.

Science busts heat exercise myths

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

DRINKING excessive amounts of water before exercising and drenching your clothes are myths that local researchers suggest Perth athletes ditch this summer.

AS PEOPLE count the cost of the bushfire that has devastated the South West town of Yarloop, one local clinician is investigating how emergency burns staff should prepare for the unexpected.

CEREBRAL Palsy (CP) is the world’s most common childhood disability and despite major advancements in medical science the survival rate of people with CP has not improved in the past forty years.

VACCINATION advertisements targeted at Fremantle parents with alternative lifestyles have split the community, prompting some to immunise their children while angering others.

NEW research into Alzheimer’s remedies, spices for cancer treatment, and an optical illusion that ‘broke the internet’ are just some of the developments in health and medicine that hit the ScienceNetwork WA website in 2015

MANY of us will overindulge in the festive fare on offer this Christmas, but we might think twice about eating something on the naughty side if that food features a label noting the time it takes to burn off that particular food.

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