Fisheries & Water

MURDOCH University researchers have discovered two new populations of a rare freshwater fish species near Denmark which are providing invaluable data for conservation efforts and enhancing the species' survival prospects.

PERTH fishermen have helped stop a 'nasty' crab invading West Australian waters which could have devastated local marine biodiversity.

THE GROWTH and body condition of black bream (Acanthopagrus butcheri) in the Swan River Estuary have declined significantly during the last 20 years, Murdoch University research contends.

SPANGLED emperor (Lethrinus nebulosus) within the Ningaloo Marine Park have been found to move outside the sanctuary's boundary a year after being tagged—presenting possible implications for shoreline fishing rules.

WA SCIENTISTS have unlocked the travel secrets of seagrass, including migration patterns which they say are key to safeguarding the plant's future.

A STUDY involving the use of streamline visualisation has found the technology can help guide electromagnetic transmitter and receiver placements, thereby aiding the search for oil and gas on the seafloor.

A MARINE ecology expert says it could take an international effort to manage the amount of debris and pollution that washes up on Rottnest Island.

A STARTLING proportion of West Australia’s sea lion population is infected with the parasite Giardia duodenalis, research has found.

SPECIES of fish, coral and other invertebrates are moving south along the West Australian coastline as a result of warmer sea currents, driving ecological change.

Scientists are using weight to determine the age of wild octopuses, enabling an understanding of the impact of fishing and revealing WA’s octopus population is in very good health.

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