Fisheries & Water

BEING more waterwise could be the first step we can all make towards helping two endangered WA freshwater fish species battle for survival during climate change.

EFFORTS to restore Shark Bay’s seagrass meadows by transplanting Posidonia australis at the edge of existing meadows are being hampered because resident fish are using the new seagrass as fast food.

THE weather gods conspired to provide a rare chance to survey a remote and rarely visited section of north Kimberley reef recently, with footage that will inform the future study of reefs through climate change.

GAZE across an arid expanse of the Pilbara and you could be forgiven for thinking animal life is sparse.

Marine heatwaves tipped to intensify

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

RESEARCHERS have found strong temperature differences between the western Pacific and central Pacific—which are predicted to increase in future—intensify the magnitude of marine heatwaves in WA.

THE algae behind the widespread fish kill in Cockburn Sound over recent weeks is a bad roll of nature’s dice not the sign of a dead waterway, an environmental consultant specialising in port operations says.

Coastal reefs may add to erosion woes

Thursday, 03 December 2015

PLANNING for beachfront homes in WA could be improved following an analysis of Yanchep’s reefs and beaches over 34 years which found reefs did not always reduce coastal erosion, as was previously thought. 

CORAL reefs on the Western Australian coast are at the mercy of dredging, with a recent study identifying more than 30 possible effects on corals during their most vulnerable hours.

Manta mysteries to be solved

Saturday, 28 November 2015

WHEN manta rays (Mobulidae) are sighted along Broome’s beautiful coast, there’s always great excitement and sharing of photos on social media. So a presentation by manta ray researchers visiting Broome in October, brought manta fans out in droves.

SCIENTISTS have used drones to chronicle migrating whales off the WA coast, revealing that lactating and adult humpbacks (Megaptera novaeangliae) suffer a decline in body condition during the southern migratory season.

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