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WHEN Geoff Bastyan noticed seagrass disappearing from harbours in Albany nearly 50 years ago, he would never have predicted his observation would lead to the most successful seagrass restoration in the world.

WA takes pride in its marine life and the pristine beaches along much of its coastline. Though it might be a bit chillier, there are still many incredible organisms you can find right here in our local waters for WA Day!

BABY turtles born on a WA beach are having trouble navigating into deep water because of artificial lights such as those from ships and offshore resource projects.

SHARK Bay and the coastline off Karratha and Perth may be popular eateries for whale sharks (Rhincodon typus), satellite tracking has revealed.

SCIENTISTS working to return abalone to a once-flourishing population on the notoriously wild coastline north of Kalbarri have enjoyed their first major success—with new juvenile abalone recruits popping up in the region.

NEXT time you’re hoping to snare a marron in the South West, spare a thought for the fertility of the animals in the murky water below.

Dolphins: chefs of the ocean

Saturday, 26 March 2016

WESTERN Australia’s southwest boasts a smorgasbord of culinary talent, but it’s the local dolphins that are proving to be skilled and unique chefs.

THE Kimberley’s resident dolphin populations seem to be homebodies who stay in the same area year-in year-out and also avoid mixing with their neighbours, according to research into how the mammals live.

THE coral wonderlands of the Abrolhos Islands off the Mid West coast, and the fishing industries that rely on them, are at worse risk of damage from climate change than previously thought.

IF YOU’RE faced with your own mortality you would do nearly anything to improve your chances of survival, right? So too for a species of seagrass called Posidonia australis that grows in Shark Bay.

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