Environment & Conservation

Forecasters under fire

Monday, 09 March 2009

WEATHER forecasters face a daily battle to accurately predict the vagaries of the weather, using tools from computer models to local knowledge from volunteer observers, but often suffer from unreasonable expectations generated by media weather reports.

Who’s your daddy?

Monday, 09 March 2009

GOGO fish fossils from Western Australia rocked palaeontology last year when scientists found the oldest evidence of vertebrate sex. They did this after describing the 380 million-year-old bones of a pregnant female and its embryo - complete with umbilical cord.

A UWA researcher is travelling to underground caves to divine the relationship between the structure and function of deep root systems of WA trees.

THANKS to houses designed by Dr Ian Weir from the University of Western Australia, residents in fire-prone areas may be able to sleep a little easier.

ONE of WA’s top sustainability experts has backed the campaign against the North Port Quay development, saying the proposal is misleading over the potential impact to the WA coast.