Aboriginal Science & Knowledge

NEW science bridging program for Indigenous students is set to encourage an increased participation of Aboriginal people in the WA science community. aboriginal_edu

PROGRAMMING robots, building circuitry and creating products from polymers are some of the activities carried out by a record number of female aboriginal high school students at Curtin University’s Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School (IAESS). aborignal_girl

THE University of Western Australia is spearheading research to assess the current decline in high school and tertiary age students enrolling in science courses across Australia.labwork


INDIGENOUS artists have joined star stories to highlight the deep connections to the sky at a Curtin University exhibition titled Ilgarijiri - things belonging to the sky.ilga


The astronomy of Aboriginal Australians

Thursday, 10 September 2009

ABORIGINAL astronomy offers a way for scientists to better understand the depth and richness of one of the world’s oldest stargazing cultures, according to CSIRO astrophysicist Ray Norris.indigart


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