Aboriginal Science & Knowledge

Maannga treeTHE berries of Grevillea pyramidalis ssp. Leucadendron have caused severe skin burns to children in remote Aboriginal communities.

Aboriginal childDO social conditions have a pronounced influence on Australian Aboriginal populations?

Stuat desert_peaAN ethno-ecologist is researching traditional Aboriginal groups’ ecological impact on wild desert plants, which they harvest for sale to wholesale suppliers.

hand_paintingWESTERN Australian Centre for Health and Ageing Professor Leon Flicker says older Kimberley Aboriginal people have a prevalence of dementia five times as high as non-aboriginal Australians.

Kimberley_fire_01A WA researcher has found the land management practices of Indigenous Australians throughout prehistoric times may have altered the climate of the State’s north west resulting in a hotter and longer dry season..

Margaret_River_CaveWESTERN Australian research is using DNA analysis to study how the earliest WA ancestors lived in Devil’s Lair, Margaret River.

Wolfe_CreekTHE world's second-largest rimmed meteorite crater is of considerable interest to traditional Aboriginal Law and modern science.

human_genetic_sequence-SPLAN Australian research team including international scientists has published findings that reinterpret the history of early Aboriginal descendants.

Mudjala_treeJARLMADANGAH Burru community holds a joint patent for a traditional Aboriginal pain-killing medicine with Griffith University.

health2011FORTY-five Indigenous secondary students from years nine, ten and 11 travelled from around the State in July to UWA for an Indigenous Science, Engineering and Health Camp.

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