Science in your community - an Inspiring Australia initiative

Science in your community - an Inspiring Australia initiative

Every year Scitech and ScienceNetwork WA promote a huge range of community science events.

Included in these are the more then 80 regional community science engagement events we'll support this year, involving 14,000 people from across Broome, Karratha, Geraldton, Bunbury, Albany, Esperance and Kalgoorlie.

These activities are organised by local science groups and enthusiasts and supported as part of Inspiring Australia, a national strategy for engagement with the sciences.

Submit your science event

If you spot a WA science event we should know about, or if you're organising a community science event you'd like us to promote, please submit your science event here.


Regional event reports

Read the latest from successful community science events held across Western Australia.

Champagne fashion on a beer budget

Written by Monday, 01 February 2016

The secret of this amazing fabric is that it didn’t come from some ritzy international fashion house; it came from an Aussie bottle of sparkling wine.

WA abuzz with global threat to bees

Written by Thursday, 28 January 2016

BEES are one of the hardest working animals on the planet, yet the average worker bee only produces about 1/12th teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.

Am I a scientist, artist, or both?

Written by Wednesday, 13 January 2016

WHAT is the secret to inspiring the next generation of scientists? According to creative scientist Gary Cass, the winning formulae for innovation and sustainable change is creativity.

Forensics expert coaches Karratha

Written by Monday, 14 December 2015

ARMED with a sense of excitement and their notebooks, 25 Karratha residents flocked to the Karratha Public Library to hear legendary Forensic Scientist Hadyn Green give a talk about his career spaning 40 years.

Kalgoorlie kids tackle water pollution

Written by Wednesday, 02 December 2015

STUDENTS from O’Connor Primary School celebrated National Water Week on the 22nd of October 2015, with a range of activities celebrating the school’s namesake.

Forensics in focus in the South West

Written by Wednesday, 25 November 2015

CRIME scene investigation in the Great Southern region went under the microscope recently in the latest Science in Our Community event presented by Great Southern Science Council.

Goldfields kids boost Great Western Woodlands

Written by Thursday, 05 November 2015

CHILDREN, teachers, botanists and indigenous guides have come together to enrich the experience of visitors to the Great Western Woodlands, with an assortment of short films dotted around Karlkurla Park.

RESEARCHERS are working to reconstruct scenes from 130 million years ago, when Australia was still connected to Antarctica and covered in towering conifer forests, via dinosaur tracks.

IF you’ve got an idea for a science event but funding is tight, we have good news!

Bilby spotting: What you need to know!

Written by Monday, 05 October 2015

IT WAS looking dire for the greater bilby (Macrotis lagotis), whose populations have decreased significantly in recent times, but increased efforts by Indigenous ranger groups have uncovered bilby populations across the Kimberley.

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