Inspiring Australia

About Inspiring Australia

Inspiring Australia is a nation-wide collaborative effort that seeks to develop a coherent approach to communication of the sciences. It aims to, “build a strong, open relationship between science and society, underpinned by effective communication of science and its benefits". To read more about the national effort visit the Inspiring Australia website here.  

A national approach

The federal government’s Inspiring Australia National Strategy recognises that to fully realise the social, economical and environmental benefits of investment in science and research, communication and engagement with the community about science is vital. Inspiring Australia seeks to actively educate and engage Australians in science with the aim of becoming a more innovative, skilled, scientifically literate and well informed society.

The strategy also recognises the value of natural and physical sciences, the arts, humanities and social science and emphasises that they are fundamental elements of a 21st century creative economy. Astronomy, space, marine science, climate change, clean energy, biological discovery, biotechnology, nuclear science and nanotechnology are but a few science disciplines on which the economy, health, world stability and the environment’s future depend.  The Australian government has made strong commitments to supporting university research in these fields however much of the Australian population have little awareness of these projects or of their importance.

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For the first time in Australia, a national approach for community engagement in science will begin, with involvement from state and federal government, organisations, educational institutions, business and community groups. It will focus on raising greater awareness of science research in the community and evoke an understanding of why it is critical to our lives. Promoting Australia as a leading science innovator overseas will also be a focus. Inspiring Australia also aims to promote science as a career pathway and pay particular interest to engagement with young people, regional communities and indigenous communities.

The program will support key initiatives such as National Science Week and the Prime Minister's Prizes for Science.

 Expert working groups

The Inspiring Australia strategy has also formed Expert Working Groups to help make plans and recommendations for enhancing science engagement in regions or topics of focus.  Two initial Inspiring Australia Expert Working Groups have produced reports on Science and the Media: From Ideas to Action, and Developing an Evidence Base for Science Engagement.

Current and future groups are researching the following topics:

• Engaging communities in the desert regions and in the tropical regions of Australia.
• Engaging Indigenous Australians in urban, regional and remote locations.
• Building connections and collaboration across science and science communication organisations which focus on the marine sciences.

Full reports from working groups can be found at Inspiring Australia.

For more information on the national strategy visit the the Department of Industry