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ONGOING research across South-West WA is examining the impacts of upgrading and extending the state barrier fence.

SCIENTISTS have classified a small, geographically-restricted ecosystem in the South West as critically endangered, according to a newly-adopted international benchmarking system.

DEPARTMENT of Fisheries (DOF) scientists have found Pemberton trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) show an increased adaptation to high temperatures compared to cold water strains.

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STUDIES of New Zealand fur seals (Arctocephalus forsteri) in Western Australia have revealed their populations are continuing to increase, though at much slower rates than a decade ago.

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RURAL citizens are more attached to their homes than urbanites, increasing their likelihood of staying during an emergency.

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A LEADING applied engineer says suitably-designed intake scrubbers would improve the operation of air heaters in coal-fired boilers, and reduce acid rain-causing emissions.

BOTANISTS have formally identified four rare and threatened native species, with efforts now turning to the shrub's future management and conservation.

This week Murdoch University's James Tweedley looks back at an iconic Australian pastime and outlines current efforts to replenish fish stocks in the Swan Estuary.

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WINEMAKING methods influence the degree of smoke taint in wines made from smoke-exposed grapes, new research suggests.

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WA’s most renowned coral reefs, including Ningaloo Reef, are not as protected as scientists previously thought, with new research revealing warmer water temperatures have reduced coral growth and survival rates. 

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