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AS SOUTH West residents count the cost of last week’s devastating bushfires Murdoch University scientists are working on a model to help predict future bushfire threats in the region.

YARLOOP’S recovery from the South West’s catastrophic bushfire may hinge on the strength of the historic town’s bonds with surrounding communities unaffected by the blaze.

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WHILE they may be the stuff of vampiric nightmares, bats play a vital role in Australian ecosystems.

WA WINE producers appear to be lagging behind their South Australian counterparts in implementing climate change strategies, although research suggests this isn’t going to adversely affect the quality of local wines.

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AS THE Paris Climate Conference (COP21) kicks off today and people around the world hold their breath for action on climate change, a little closer to home researchers have determined the impacts of climate change may be far more serious than previously expected.

A CLINIC set up to improve rural and remote men’s access to prostate cancer testing and diagnosis has been deemed an overwhelming success.

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THEY’RE small, they’re responsible for helping produce a third of the world’s food production, and their foraging habits and sex lives are crucial areas of scientific research.

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AUSTRALIA’S first electric vehicle highway will open in WA later this month, with the final charging stations currently being installed in the south-west. 

SOME of the south-west’s iconic Hakea plants that are able to survive bushfires are more likely to have bigger, fewer seeds than those killed by flames, researchers have discovered.

THERE is new hope for the future of the Margaret River’s critically endangered hairy marron (Cherax tenuimanus) after marked success in a captive breeding program.

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