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A RECORD number of deaths and strandings of humpback whales in Western Australia has raised concern about the impacts of climate change on ocean food webs.

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CENTRAL Kimberley rock art from the period of first Aboriginal–European contact shows iconography dramatically different to both pre-contact art and contact art from other districts.

VOLCANIC eruptions across a vast area of what is now Western Australian and the Northern Territory 510 million years ago caused the first known mass extinction of complex life forms.

NEW research is looking into the effects of children’s exposure to potentially dangerous PM10 particulate matter in urban, rural and mining-related settings.

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ABORIGINAL Australians are more than twice as likely to suffer a stroke or traumatic brain injury than non-Aboriginal Australians, leading to acquired communications disorders (ACD) – and Edith Cowan University researchers are working to improve their rehabilitation prospects.

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HUMPBACK whales from WA are mixing with those on the east coast of Australia and are genetically similar despite their breeding grounds being 2500km apart.

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WATER recovery of between 90 and 95 per cent from mine groundwater could be possible using a technique involving silica removal in reverse osmosis (RO) desalination.

POORER school students and those with a disability require additional support to successfully manage the transition from primary to secondary school, according to a longitudinal study by Curtin University.

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A WA archaeology consultancy has conducted a cost-benefit analysis of improved treatments for sediment samples taken from ancient occupation sites.

Local science was on display at the Karratha Public Library throughout the Christmas holidays.

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