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A PhD researcher at Murdoch University has discovered that beef cattle with more musculature have better meat,  benefiting both the cattle industry and consumers.


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As part of an effective early warning system to diminish the potential of major tsunami,the Bureau of Meteorology(BOM)uses a series of deep ocean tsunami detection buoys to confirm the existence of the many tsunami generated by undersea earthquakes.detection_buoys_img_1







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A UNIQUE CSIRO project is using Western Australian supercomputers to advance coal mining on an international scale for both the industry and the environment.coal

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ABORIGINAL astronomy offers a way for scientists to better understand the depth and richness of one of the world’s oldest stargazing cultures, according to CSIRO astrophysicist Ray Norris.indigart


USING more natural gas instead of coal to produce electricity would be a simple way of reducing Australia’s greenhouse emissions by some five percent, according to WA Premier Colin Barnett.

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