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YOU’VE heard about counting the rings inside a tree trunk to determine their age and growth rates, right?

SOILS affected by wildfires undergo significant changes within one year after a fire with that same soil partially regenerating after around five years, according to a study examining how semi-arid soils recover from natural fire events.

HEAVY vehicle drivers with an empty load are two-and-a-half times more likely to crash than those carrying freight.

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GAZE across an arid expanse of the Pilbara and you could be forgiven for thinking animal life is sparse.

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A REFERENCE collection of potential invasive marine species in WA, which forms part of a system for identifying pests via their genetic material, has been hailed as a marine biosecurity world first.

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A LOW-cost tidal model study which revolutionised bustling Port Hedland port has lifted export capacity plus avoided major costs and environmental impacts from dredging operations.

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CSIRO scientists have revealed how much water lies beneath the parched Pilbara landscape in a study to help safeguard the resource as mining and agriculture expands in the region and the climate changes.

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A CLINIC set up to improve rural and remote men’s access to prostate cancer testing and diagnosis has been deemed an overwhelming success.

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WOODSIDE Petroleum is hoping to maximise efficiency and cut down on unnecessary costs by utilising IBM's gameshow-winning Watson cognitive computer system as the oil and gas industry battles uncertainty from the prolonged oil price downturn.

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THE Ambon damsel (Pomacentrus amboinensis) have been found to need exposure to the natural environment to develop the ultraviolet (UV) facial markings reef fish use as a covert communication system to potentially avoid predators.

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