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WA’s most renowned coral reefs, including Ningaloo Reef, are not as protected as scientists previously thought, with new research revealing warmer water temperatures have reduced coral growth and survival rates. 

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THE Geraldton Community Nursery is working to regenerate and revegetate critical areas of denuded natural growth, including the Chapman River wildlife corridor.

A GROUP of WA researchers are hopeful they will find remains from the wreck of the infamous Dutch ship Batavia following the discovery of a tooth last year on Beacon Island off the Mid West coast.

Over one hundred students laughed, learned and were inspired by Scitech's Science ShowOff, Dr Graham Walker, other science advocates and guest speakers at the 6th Annual Mid West Youth Science Forum (MWYSF) held in Geraldton on the 18th June.

THE first glyphosate-resistant wild radish (Raphanus raphanistrum L.) populations have been identified by researchers from the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI) at The University of Western Australia.

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ARACHNOLOGISTS have described four ‘new’ mouse spider species after a review of specimens in the WA Museum collection.

WA RESEARCHERS believe they are first to develop a model for accurately estimating local water temperature in near real-time for marine protected areas (MPAs).

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AN INVESTIGATION into microbialites in Lake Clifton has found that stevensite, a mineral similar to one found on Mars, can be created via the mineralisation of microbes.

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MANGROVE forests within the coastal lagoon of Mangrove Bay in Ningaloo Reef appear to be a key habitat for tropical rays during their vulnerable juvenile life-stage, a collaborative research project between Australian universities has found.

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A STUDY into Shark Bay’s microbial mats has detected activity of anaerobic microbes under oxic conditions—highlighting unknown complexities in microbial systems.