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EXPANDED mobile phone coverage and the introduction of Doppler radar are being pushed to overcome critical shortcomings in WA farming regions.

This week University of Western Australia’s Madeline McAllister offers a view into the method behind documenting underwater shipwrecks like the doomed Batavia and constructing digital models for public and archaeological benefit.

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TWO populations of translocated boodies (Bettongia lesueur) which were set up to re-establish locally extinct species at Lorna Glen in the Murchison have created a thriving population made up of fertile hybrid offspring.

FERNS may have potential in rehabilitating land following work by WA researchers who investigated how ferns are able to survive in semi-arid environments of Australia.

INTERNATIONAL collaboration between scientists is revealing information about one of the largest and most beautiful plant groups in Australia—the fan-flower family Goodeniaceae.

A GROUP of flowering plants, found only in Western Australia, has the most complex reproductive strategy out of any wind-pollinated species, researchers have discovered.

A UWA geologist says the high-grade iron ore reserve at Wiluna West in the Mid West is similar to those being mined at Mt Tom Price, Paraburdoo and Mt WhaleBack in the Pilbara.

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THE Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) and the University of WA (UWA) are calling on volunteer 'citizen scientists' to help determine if the range of one of WA's most well-known flora genera—the Banksia—is contracting with climate change.

ENDANGERED loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) are able to protect themselves against environmental temperature fluctuations while still in the egg, a UWA researcher has discovered.

DEPARTMENT of Fisheries staff and Kalbarri fishermen have released 24,000 Roe's abalone (Haliotis roei) onto reef platforms along the cliffs north of Kalbarri, to restock a population decimated by the marine heat wave of 2010-11.

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