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LakeGregory refugeA SERIES of reviews of Australian archaeological studies is helping to formulate a theory of how and when people occupied various parts of the continent, including WA’s Kimberley region.

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citizenscienceTonyMalkovicTO GET a basic idea of the richness of Western Australia’s soils, Andy Whiteley says you only need to stomp your foot in the ground and then look at the imprint.

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BrownBooby christmasislandGERMAN seabird ecologists have found Christmas Island brown boobies to be highly vulnerable to any depletion in prey during breeding season.

bushwalk humanparasiteHUMAN behaviour could be a major contributing factor in the transmission of parasitic infections to wildlife, research being conducted across WA suggests.

Stalagmite WindjanaGorgeFORTY-ONE thousand years of climatic records taken from stalagmites in two Kimberley caves have given researchers some unexpected insights into the region’s monsoon history.

Palgrave region_Musgrave_RangesA GEOLOGICAL survey team says an ancient super volcano exuded more than 450 cubic kilometres of molten magma in a single eruption, over what are now Ngaanyatjarra tribal lands.

LNG asianenergymixRESEARCH exploring the Asia Pacific region with a Global Energy Market model (GEM) has assessed the challenges and opportunities as population, income and energy demand continue to increase.

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StaghorncoralEXTINCTION risk of Acropora species like the staghorn coral has been linked to species age, or the time since species divergence in research by the Western Australian Museum.

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eureka 3DMillWESTERN Australian scientists and researchers have excelled at the prestigious Eureka science awards announced last week in Sydney, picking up three of the major prizes.

Purplecrowned fair_wrenA REVIEW paper advocates studying the presence of wrens (Maluridae) in local landscapes to assess the ecological soundness of land management practices.