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A TWO-YEAR survey of dung beetle populations in Australia's south-west has pinpointed Kojonup as the WA release site most likely to establish a new population of French dung beetles.

THE western trout minnow has been saved from the brink of extinction by research that has bred the tiny fish in captivity for the first time.

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A WA botanist says detailed fossil records and the development of phylogenetic trees could help experts understand why flora in Australia’s south-west is so diverse in comparison to the south-east.

A LOCAL water expert says more work needs to be done to understand the state's past atmospheric conditions to determine how climate change will affect water resources.

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ARTIFICIAL flooding may be a water-efficient way to irrigate dry landscapes but scientists warn it is not a solution for all problems and the ecological impact needs more thorough monitoring.

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ALBANY residents were privileged to have the opportunity to hear creative scientist, Gary Cass speak at the Town Hall recently where he covered many aspects of his work.

ARACHNOLOGISTS have described four ‘new’ mouse spider species after a review of specimens in the WA Museum collection.

WA RESEARCHERS are using cutting edge DNA sequencing to examine how grapevine genetics affect the taste and quality of Australian wines.

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THE wonders of modern technology were put on display for all to see and experience at the Albany Library recently as the team from Scitech jetted in to the Great Southern.

WESTERN Australian mussel populations (Mytilus galloprovincialis) could potentially mix with translocated species from the eastern states according to a study by the WA Department of Fisheries and UWA. 

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