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LEAVING heavier Merino ewes untreated for worms while treating their skinnier counterparts may help combat drench-resistant worms, research suggests.

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The final set of National Science Week events at the Albany Library were the Albany Museum’s “Who Dunnart”, Professor Andy Whitely’s Citizen Science project Microblitz, and medical researcher Dr Craig Sinclair’s information on Advance care planning.

Environmental science was well represented in Albany for the 2014 National Science Week celebrations, with three stalls that showcased farming practises, weed projects and local wildlife conservation.

The Great Southern Science Council engaged the public in three remarkable marine science presentations during National Science Week 2014.

ORCHIDS located throughout the south-west continued to excite and amaze locals during the recent wildflower season as conservationists work to secure the endangered specimens.

MURDOCH University researchers have discovered two new populations of a rare freshwater fish species near Denmark which are providing invaluable data for conservation efforts and enhancing the species' survival prospects.

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RURAL citizens are more attached to their homes than urbanites, increasing their likelihood of staying during an emergency.

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CPR for South Coast plants

24/11/2014 - 00:00

Written by Kath Gray, Project Officer at the Great Southern Science Council

Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) Flora Conservation Officer Sarah Barrett and FloraTechnical Officer Dylan Lehmann set up a display at this year’s Albany Wildflower Exhibition to explain some of the methods being used to protect threatened flora species in the South Coast region.

WA SCIENTISTS are the first to observe and document juvenile trout minnow (Galaxias truttaceus Valenciennes 1846) successfully negotiating a vertical weir wall by modifying their swimming technique to 'climb' and 'jump' over the obstacle during their upstream migration to freshwater habitats.

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A NEW framework to help combat Phytophthora, or dieback in Western Australia’s south-west was recently revealed at a conference at Murdoch University.

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