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ONE of the last known populations of WA’s rarest bird species is tipped to disappear from a global biodiversity hotspot unless action is taken to address climate change.

SEAGRASS meadows in Albany’s Oyster Harbour are being used as history books to reveal fluctuating contaminant levels in harbour water throughout the last 3000 years, with a rapid increase in contamination since the 1900s.

CRIME scene investigation in the Great Southern region went under the microscope recently in the latest Science in Our Community event presented by Great Southern Science Council.

A REFERENCE collection of potential invasive marine species in WA, which forms part of a system for identifying pests via their genetic material, has been hailed as a marine biosecurity world first.

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MALES competing for female attention is nothing new but research into frogs in swamps near Albany has revealed something unusual—larger, stronger-armed males fare better fathering offspring in isolation while smaller, weaker males are more successful in a group.

INFRARED cameras have been used to monitor crop stress for years, but a WA plant biologist recently used the technology to ensure the successful translocation of a critically endangered plant species near Albany.

THEY are tiny, cuddly and the females are known to be quite picky about their mate, but it seems endangered dibblers (Parantechinus apiclis) have put aside their preferences to create 29 individuals who were released back into the wild recently.

A CLINIC set up to improve rural and remote men’s access to prostate cancer testing and diagnosis has been deemed an overwhelming success.

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An eager crowd of 180 people gathered for the Great Southern Great Science symposium to kick off National Science Week in Albany.

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CONSERVATION and community groups are striving to save peat ecosystems of national ecological and evolutionary significance in Walpole from destruction by feral pigs.

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