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TWO experts unravelled the science behind making the high quality wines that southern Western Australia hold dear, in “The Science of Grapes and Wine” event, hosted by the Great Southern Science Council and South Coast NRM.

MORE than 20 years searching for elusive trapdoor spiders across WA’s south-west has culminated in the recent creation of a new genus.

Australia has tens of thousands of wetlands that provide vital ecosystem services. They are the main suppliers of fresh water for human use, provide water, habitat and refuge to thousands of animal and plant species and provide communities with recreation and tourism.

THE Living with a Changing Climate conference in Albany offered the latest research on the impacts of a changing climate on biodiversity, agriculture, water resources and socio-economic values in the South Coast Region.

Summer in Bremer Bay is a mix of sand, sun, surf and shorelines for locals and holiday-makers.

RAINFALL monitoring data shows WA’s south-west has been losing its Mediterranean climate over the past 16 years and now has considerably less winter rainfall and a corresponding increase in summer rains.

BEING more waterwise could be the first step we can all make towards helping two endangered WA freshwater fish species battle for survival during climate change.

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BEES are one of the hardest working animals on the planet, yet the average worker bee only produces about 1/12th teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.

CONSERVATIONISTS have taken stock of areas of the south-west hit by bushfires late last year and determined that fragile populations of one of WA’s most iconic plants has been significantly ravaged.

THOUSANDS of snapshots taken while harvesting canola near Albany last month are hoped to help WA broad-acre croppers control a pest snail species.

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