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SEVEN new species of spiders, whose kin have taken the world by storm with their adorable appearance and mesmerising dance moves, have been discovered in WA and South Australia.

THE western swamp tortoise (Pseudemydura umbrina) could soon be calling WA's south coast home following extensive modelling to find new sites where populations could thrive.

A SMALL, shy subspecies of the common brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecular hypoleucus) or koomal will continue to disappear from south west forests unless action is taken to address climate change.

PERTH Zoo keepers have high hopes WA’s rarest bird could produce the world’s first captive-bed western ground parrot chick in the coming months.

MORE than 20 years searching for elusive trapdoor spiders across WA’s south-west has culminated in the recent creation of a new genus.

RAINFALL monitoring data shows WA’s south-west has been losing its Mediterranean climate over the past 16 years and now has considerably less winter rainfall and a corresponding increase in summer rains.

CONSERVATIONISTS have taken stock of areas of the south-west hit by bushfires late last year and determined that fragile populations of one of WA’s most iconic plants has been significantly ravaged.

ONE of the last known populations of WA’s rarest bird species is tipped to disappear from a global biodiversity hotspot unless action is taken to address climate change.

SEAGRASS meadows in Albany’s Oyster Harbour are being used as history books to reveal fluctuating contaminant levels in harbour water throughout the last 3000 years, with a rapid increase in contamination since the 1900s.

INFRARED cameras have been used to monitor crop stress for years, but a WA plant biologist recently used the technology to ensure the successful translocation of a critically endangered plant species near Albany.

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