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KALGOORLIE-Boulder's famous Golden Mile and Super Pit has not only produced more than 50 million ounces of gold but it has now produced one more precious nugget in the form of a new mineral unique to Kalgoorlie-Boulder, called kalgoorlieite.

SEVEN new species of spiders, whose kin have taken the world by storm with their adorable appearance and mesmerising dance moves, have been discovered in WA and South Australia.

TRAVEL deep into WA’s arid interior and you’ll find a harsh and seemingly unforgiving expanse of red dirt that is housing a comeback to one of the state’s many threatened mammals.

THE Nullarbor Plain, an arid, tree-less expanse of low shrubs, was once home to thriving forests of gum trees (Eucalyptus and Corymbia) and banksias (Proteaceae) until Australia’s climate started to dry out.

EVER come across a slater, woodlouse or pill bug tucked under a rock in your garden? These tiny creatures and others like them hide in the moist earth under rocks and logs to avoid drying out.

CONSERVATIONISTS have taken stock of areas of the south-west hit by bushfires late last year and determined that fragile populations of one of WA’s most iconic plants has been significantly ravaged.

BIODIVERSITY has flourished amid the devastation left by a bushfire that tore through a section of the south-west last year, with an Albany botanist discovering a plant species in the region.

THE first comprehensive study of two shrub species from the Euphorbiaceae family, which only occur near Ravensthorpe, suggests the plant’s limited range may one day lead to its extinction if land clearing in the region continues.

PEOPLE travelling across the Nullarbor Plain nowadays would be used to the region’s arid nature but it may surprise some to learn that climate conditions along the Nullarbor were exactly the opposite approximately 3-5 million years ago.

UNDERSTANDING how WA plants live and thrive in a certain soil type has been the focus of a recent review by scientists and the findings may help rehabilitate the environment, especially mined areas.

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