Kerry Faulkner

Kerry Faulkner


Hails from: Originally from Kempsey, New South Wales, Kerry now lives in Western Australia.

Past life: Kerry worked as a news reporter for Post Newspapers before becoming a freelance writer. She won the 2014 WA Media Award for Best Freelance Journalist.

Favourite science: Environment and conservation, health, agriculture and Aboriginal issues.

Loves: The outdoors, swimming, paddling, walking.....anything.

FOR just a few precious days every year a few lucky people can glance 66 million years into the past as the surf rolls back low enough on the Kimberley coast to reveal the wonderland of dinosaur footprints on its rocky ocean platforms.

WA DOCTORS could soon have a score card to rank diabetic patients on their likelihood of developing depression in old age.

BYSTANDERS’ who see school-yard bullying can intervene and stop it in about 10 seconds but when aggression moves online, young cyber peer groups become unsure of what to do.

SHOPPERS want food labels that have already done the hard sums on nutritional value for them, and Perth’s grocery buyers have recently revealed their appetite for food labels rests with the Health Star Rating (HSR) system.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016 06:00

Dolphin count reveals homebody habits

THE Kimberley’s resident dolphin populations seem to be homebodies who stay in the same area year-in year-out and also avoid mixing with their neighbours, according to research into how the mammals live.

Tuesday, 09 February 2016 09:00

Under the influence of Perth’s suburbs

ALCOHOL sales at licenced premises in community hubs account for the majority of alcohol-related injury in Perth’s inner and outer suburbs like Subiaco and Ellenbrook respectively, while sales from bottleshops are responsible for most injuries in middle suburbs like Riverton.

REALLY working up a sweat while exercising by ramping up intensity has eliminated the need to eat and drink in order to stabilise blood sugars before exercise in Type 1 diabetics.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016 06:00

Strong social links will help resurrect Yarloop

YARLOOP’S recovery from the South West’s catastrophic bushfire may hinge on the strength of the historic town’s bonds with surrounding communities unaffected by the blaze.

CHILDREN born with gastroschisis, where the bowel is outside of the abdomen at birth, develop normally neurologically and psychologically despite being exposed to risks linked to abnormalities.

THE algae behind the widespread fish kill in Cockburn Sound over recent weeks is a bad roll of nature’s dice not the sign of a dead waterway, an environmental consultant specialising in port operations says.

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