Timothy Oliver

Timothy Oliver


Hails from: Born and lived most of his life in Subiaco, but has also lived in Borneo and Canada.

Past life: A journalism and international relations graduate from Curtin University, Tim studied a year and a half of science at UWA before taking some time out to travel.

Favourite science: Tim is passionate about environmental science, so anything concerning conservation and preservation of WA’s astounding natural beauty is especially interesting to him.

Loves: Tim loves learning, music, photography, aspiring to change our world for the better, travelling on a budget, stepping out of his comfort zone and going off the beaten track. He also loves anything outdoors: hiking, rock climbing, cycling, camping.

AN INTERNATIONAL panel of experts, led by WA researchers, is developing guidelines to help clinicians and families better manage bone health in individuals with Rett’s syndrome.

A BETTER understanding of factors that influence feeding behaviours in ruminants could help improve management practices and provide better outcomes for the livestock industry.

ONGOING research across South-West WA is examining the impacts of upgrading and extending the state barrier fence.

WA RESEARCHERS used mobile phone text messages to implement a real-time safety monitoring program for pregnant women immunised with trivalent influenza vaccine (TIV).

RESEARCH led by West Australian scientists into ‘subduction’ during tectonic plate collisions has provided new insights into the global sulphur cycle.

Conifer CallitrisglaucophyllaSOUTHERN hemisphere conifers’ reproductive habits have been uncovered in research monitoring their responses to environmental change.

sponges conferenceWATHE immense diversity of sponge species in West Australian waters has been celebrated at the 9th World Sponge Conference earlier this month.

TammarWallaby KI_GIA NATIONAL genome study into island populations of the tammar wallaby has revealed a startling level of genetic similarity between males on Garden Island.

superpit impactcratorTHE world’s largest and oldest meteorite impact structure has been discovered through research on the formation of gold deposits in WA’s Eastern Goldfields.

Wednesday, 06 November 2013 06:05

Monitoring stepped up on metro mosquitoes

mosquito perthresearchAN EXTENSIVE mosquito trapping regime to determine the prevalence of disease vectors was conducted throughout the South Perth-Canning river systems and surrounding suburbs earlier this year.

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