Narelle Towie

Narelle Towie


Hails from: Narelle was born and raised in Perth.

Past life: Narelle has a BA in media and journalism from Murdoch University and a Diploma in multimedia. She is a freelance writer with 5 years' experience working full-time for PerthNow and The Sunday Times. Before joining The Sunday Times she spent four years working in London as a reporter and web production editor for Nature and its online news site. Narelle took out two prizes at the 2012 WA media awards.  
Favourite science: Biology. In 2008 Narelle won the WA Media travel writer award for her piece on orang-utans in Borneo. 
Loves: Narelle enjoys snowboarding, a good bottle of Scotch and Rocky Road icecream... mmm

Researchers are planning to tag two of Ningaloo Reef’s most famous whale sharks – Stumpy and Zorro - in a bid to discover where the ocean giants go to mate.

IF THE winter chill is making you reach for the cookie jar, don’t beat yourself up—your brain is hard wired to seek calories, particularly when it’s cold.

WA’S indigenous population has the highest rate of mesothelioma deaths in the world, with more than two-thirds of cases caused by asbestos mining in Wittenoom, researchers say.

AS THE dreaded flu season approaches you might want to consider this—research shows that a sneeze can travel up to 70cm and it can be caused by sunshine, exercise and even sex.

Friday, 08 April 2016 06:00

Local whale sharks get the travel bug

SHARK Bay and the coastline off Karratha and Perth may be popular eateries for whale sharks (Rhincodon typus), satellite tracking has revealed.

MOTHERS of extremely premature babies have higher concentrations of immune proteins in their breast milk, despite the fact that their babies are prone to deadly bacterial blood infections, researchers have discovered.

Monday, 29 February 2016 06:00

Explainer: why we have a leap year

IT’S the time where people born on February 29 can finally party on the date of their birth.

WA SCIENTISTS have acquitted their prime suspect in the hunt to uncover what’s pushing the nation’s woylie (Bettongia penicillata) populations to the brink of extinction.

Thursday, 24 December 2015 06:00

Fire threatens Christmas kisses

FIRE really is the Christmas grinch for WA mistletoe, with researchers discovering flames are the ultimate kiss of death for the festive plant.

THE fight against wheat disease has been given a boost, with WA scientists receiving significant funding to cultivate fungus-resistant plants in a move which could eventually save WA farmers millions of dollars.

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