Jason Boudville

Jason Boudville

Past editor 

Hails from:  The northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.

Past life: Jason has worked in communication and the food and wine industry, seeing the ins and outs of coffee roasting and working a winemaker. He has a degree in professional writing and publishing and was wine writer for Spice magazine. He continues this vinous trend on his blog

Favourite science: Jason loved his viticulture and oenology degree as it covered microbiology ('oh glorious Saccharomyces cerevisiae, we owe you so much!'), organic chemistry, soil science andagronomy.

Loves:  Reading to engage the brain: The Monthly, The Global Mail, and The Conversation. Also enjoys creamy bokeh, fine food producers, crunchy leaves, African coffee, déjà vu, all things old, beautiful and ridiculously discarded, J.S. Bach and Chopin, Stilton and Époisses, Great Southern riesling and Mornington pinot.

Wednesday, 01 October 2014 06:00

Waste heat put to work for freshwater

SIGNIFICANT low-grade waste heat energy produced by industry may be applicable for distillation-desalination, opening up further opportunities for creating environmentally friendly freshwater.

THE efficacy of green coffee extract to impact on an independent risk factor for cardiovascular heart disease has been proven ineffective in mice models fed high fat diets (HFD) a recent study has shown.

algaecellsBIOFUEL researchers have dramatically improved microalgae hydrocarbon productivity by using non-destructive extraction, akin to ‘milking’ algal cells as opposed to the conventional harvest and destruction.

Granite boulderSCIENTISTS investigating heat decay from radiogenic granite in the Darling Range have discovered the maximum heat output has exceeded previously known data.

VitaminD OldMenTHE largest study of ageing men in Australia has revealed low vitamin D as an independent predictor of all-cause mortality in older males.

Bilby burrowsABANDONED bilby burrows on rangeland restoration sites at Lorna Glen are proving to have multiple benefits for the landscape.

walkableneighbour leedervilleTHE characteristics of walkable neighbourhoods have been explored for their associations with perceived crime risk and fear of crime in Perth's new suburban housing developments.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 06:00

Asia Pacific future energy mix relies on policy

LNG asianenergymixRESEARCH exploring the Asia Pacific region with a Global Energy Market model (GEM) has assessed the challenges and opportunities as population, income and energy demand continue to increase.

Saturday, 14 September 2013 06:00

Sleep apnoea patients ‘awake’ for diagnosis

sleepapnoeaA STUDY comparing airflow pressure gradients in the throat of patients with and without obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) has revealed a useful diagnostic, obtained even while the patient is awake.

Algaepond solarpairingMURDOCH University researchers have dramatically increased the conversion efficiency of solar energy by the novel pairing of algae biomass and selective thin film solar panels.

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