Aaron Fernandes

Aaron Fernandes


Hails from: Perth, Western Australia

Past life: Intrepid journalist/volunteer in Palestine, Egypt, Israel, China, India, Tibet, Brasil, United States and others.

Favourite Science: Physical sciences.

Loves: Spanish guitar, fine wine and the writings of Hermann Hesse.

USING combination drugs or 'polypills', may hold the key to reducing heart disease in Western Australia.

WEST Australian researchers are developing a breakthrough technology for the detection of remaining tumors post-surgery, which could help up to two thirds of patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

RESEARCH into micrometeorites, meteorites smaller than 2 millimeters, found in Western Australia have shed new light on the make-up of the ancient Earth’s atmosphere.

SEVEN hectares of bushland in Kings Park went up in smoke recently but it was all in the name of science, with the controlled burn aimed at identify the best methods of managing bushfire around Perth.

WEST Australians are expected to show up in the tens of thousands on Sunday, when the world’s largest plane—which would cover half the oval space at Domain Stadium—touches down in Perth.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016 06:00

Popular boab tree is fighting fit

AT 750 years old one could be forgiven for having a few ailments but a recent health check of King's Park's mighty boab tree Gija Jumulu has revealed the popular tourist attraction is in perfect health.

A WEST Australian-based researcher has helped boost global food security, with trials that have shown a 45 per cent increase in lentil crop production in some of the poorest communities in Asia.

A HEALTH check of beaches near Geraldton has revealed northern areas closer to the port are severely eroded while the southern beaches are quite stable.

LEARNING CPR could be the difference between life and death for your pet, as Perth continues to sweat through one of the hottest summers on record.

Saturday, 30 January 2016 06:00

Wildlife health experts aid national database

THROUGHOUT history, native wildlife has been responsible for transmitting infectious diseases to humans and domestic animals, with some of these diseases potentially posing a threat to public health and biosecurity.

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