Sally Wilkinson

Sally Wilkinson

Regional Journalist (Kimberley)

Hails from: Melbourne, Australia. Sally now lives in Broome, in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Past life: Sally has worked previously as a native title lawyer, climate change campaigner and public policy advisor.

Favourite science: As a kid, Sally’s love of wombats made her determined to become a zoologist. While her career ended up taking a different turn, biology (particularly zoology, botany and ecology) remains a favourite area of science. Sally also has a keen interest in Indigenous traditional ecological knowledge and the ways in which it can merge with Western science.

Loves: Her family and friends, reading, staying fit, the Kimberley coastline, spending time in cafes (it’s the Melbournian in her), getting emails or packages from overseas friends, and exploration and discovery in its many forms.

SUNSHINE beats down on north-west WA in abundance. Why then, has there been such a limited take up of solar energy in remote communities?

SOILS affected by wildfires undergo significant changes within one year after a fire with that same soil partially regenerating after around five years, according to a study examining how semi-arid soils recover from natural fire events.

GROWING crops in the West Kimberley appears to be one step closer after recent findings that groundwater resources in the region will support agricultural development.