Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Questacon shares smart skills with the Goldfields

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30 community members participated in GEMIA's Science After Dark 30 community members participated in GEMIA's Science After Dark Kelly Spence


The Goldfields Education Mining Industry Alliance (GEMIA) was thrilled to have the Questacon Smart Skills Team in Kalgoorlie-Boulder from April 4 to 8 to engage the students and community in design thinking, technology, creativity and innovation.

The team headed by Mia Thurgate presented workshops to over 1000 students in 11 local primary and high schools, and created an awareness of technology, engineering and design thinking.

Workshops exposed students to the process of innovation and refined their ideas through engineering-based challenges. These experiences will help to equip them with the logical and creative thinking skills to tackle problems across the curriculum and beyond.

The hands-on, collaborative and engaging workshops were also offered in a highly sought after teacher’s professional development session.

GEMIA presented their Science After Dark forum for over 18’s at the Hannans Club where approximately 30 community members participated in the Smart Skills Initiative coming up with creative ways to keep your shoes dry in wet weather and many more fascinating and innovative creations.

GEMIA vice chair and Kalgoorlie Science Teachers Network coordinator Jackie Drake reflected positively on the diversity of the event.

“It was fantastic to see so many people from all different walks of life engaging, collaborating and cooperating whilst developing their innovative skills.”

The Questacon Smart Skills Initiative offers a significant skills development pathway for participants. Each step along the pathway brings greater skill development in design thinking, idea generation, prototyping and working with technologies.

GEMIA’s vision, to inspire success through science, is supported by partnerships with Inspiring Australia, Scitech, Goldfields-Esperance Workforce Development Alliance, CME and other key associations.


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