Tuesday, 17 May 2016

"An ocean in the desert" for Kalgoorlie kids

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Kidsfest photo courtesy of the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder Kidsfest photo courtesy of the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder Melissa Drummond

An estimated 14,000 people attended the 4th annual City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Goldfields KidsFest at the Oasis playing fields on April 9 and 10.

The Festival theme was 'An ocean in the desert' and provided opportunities for children under the age of twelve to create, learn and explore!

The Goldfields Education Mining Industry Alliance (GEMIA) joined in with the celebrations by offering a number of fun, interactive science activities for kids and their parents. GEMIA offered activities involving water pollution and filtration, classification of sea creatures, properties of salt water and the oceanic geological history of the goldfields.

“It was truly amazing how quickly the kids of the Goldfields learnt the marine classifications with even 4 year olds asking “Does it have gills?” and was great to see the kids getting excited about doing their own science experiments with salt water” GEMIA project officer, Kelly Spence says.


Tempi, Maddi and Campbell Grundy in the GEMIA space. Photo credit: Kelly Spence


In the two weeks prior to KidsFest, students from East Kalgoorlie Primary School worked with puppetry artist in residence, Karen Hethey and local artists Ange Leech and Owen Hinton to bring art, science and imagination together to create a giant 10 metre puppet, Humunga Trikurlisaurus Rex, which was used in the closing ceremony of the KidsFest Festival.

Students also learnt about the ancient sea creatures of inland Australia and heard from GEMIA geologist Peter Burger, about the inland sea and caves whilst studying fossil shells.

Putting together their ideas through drawing and stories, this puppet was created and brought to life especially for KidsFest!

GEMIA was proud to be part of such an amazing event which was a highlight on the Goldfields calendar of events.

These activities and GEMIA’s vision to inspire success through science, are supported by partnerships with Anglogold Ashanti, Inspiring Australia, Scitech, Goldfields-Esperance Workforce Development Alliance, CME and other key associations.

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